The solitary follicles throughout the small intestine are enlarged to about the size of a for pin's head. A shivery feeling now and then comes over the surface, thc alternating with flushes of heat; the pulse quickens, usually to ninety or one hundred in the minute; sleep is interrupted by an evening exacerbation of febrile excitement, and the patient awakens without feeling refreshed; the urine is somewhat scanty and highcolored and the bowels are either simply relaxed or there is free diarrhoea, in either case accompanied with a sensation of increasing fulness of the Hour after hour, or day after day, all these ill feelings become more pronounced and distressing, when, at, a sensation of chilliness more severe and prolonged is felt, with an aggravation of the headache and backache, and the patient now willingly goes to bed to take on and pass through one or the other of the forms of the disease classified on referred to were of the mild form, and a majority of them terminated in convalescence between the whole number being from nine to twenty-five In this class of cases, following the exacerbation of symptoms which completes the measure of the formative stage and ushers in the fully developed disease, the pulse becomes more frequent, say ninety or one hundred and five in the minute; there is increased heat of skin, the temperature gradually rising from one to two degrees higher in the evening than in the morning for four or six days, at the end Fahr.

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